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May 18, 2021

virtual private servers (VPS) can be thought of a larger part of a high-performance dedicated server. In other words, multiple VPS are located within a single dedicated server, but to ensure they perform reliably and are scalable, most providers design their dedicated server to have very high capacity and hardware specifications. Many virtual private servers (VPS) can meet or exceed the typical performance of a budget dedicated server, so it's important to distinguish between both types of solutions.

Limitations of a Virtual Private Server

Virtual servers are limited by the host-node that they exist on and in turn, their resources can only go so high before a limit is reached. While virtual does scale well, it is limited by the availability of resources on the host-node. On a host-node there are several virtual servers at the same time, so while your package may have set resources allocated you may sometimes experience issues, although these incidents are very rare or quickly resolved.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server

When using a dedicated server your resources are yours and yours alone. There is no sharing of resources such as what occurs on a virtual server. Dedicated servers can be constantly upgraded to larger allocations compared to a virtual server which allows for them continue improving.

When should I choose a VPS or a dedicated server?

Deciding between a VPS and dedicated server involves a variety of different factors and considerations. For example, if pricing is the primary concern coupled with a medium-traffic website, a VPS would be best suited for the job. If your website is already receiving a lot of traffic, has resource-intensive processes (your VPS may have out-of-memory errors, etc), or increased storage requirements, then a dedicated server would be recommended. Customers who are on the fence between either solution, often choose to go with a VPS first and then switch to a dedicated server as their needs evolve.

Server Management

One consideration that may factor into your decision between a VPS or a dedicated server is server management. Our VPS plans are 100% fully managed, meaning we take care of the backend software updates, tweaks and help resolve any issues you may encounter. Dedicated servers have the option to include server management, and it is strongly recommended in almost all cases unless you want to take the burden of maintaining and resolving any issues yourself.

Still have questions?

Choosing an appropriate hosting solution for your needs doesn't need to be complicated. Simply get in touch with our friendly sales team and we'll find something to suit your requirements and budget!

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