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July 1, 2021

If you're a Canadian business, individual or catering to Canadian customers, something that is often overlooked when searching for web hosting providers is the advantage of hosting your website within Canada

Hosting your website using a Canadian-based server is advantageous for a number of reasons, including:

  • Performance
  • Privacy and Security
  • Geolocation
  • Currency

Let's look into some of these advantages further.

1. Performance

Canada’s telecommunications infrastructure is one of the fastest in the world. With direct local access to these networks, websites hosted in Canada tend to be faster and more reliable for your Canadian visitors than those hosted in the US. 

At polur.net, we operate our top-of-the-line server infrastructure at our Montreal, Quebec datacentre. No matter where you are located or targing within the country, it provides some of the fastest speeds, low latency and full IPv6 support to ensure your mission-critical website is operating smoothly at all times.

2. Privacy and Security

Federal and provincial data privacy and security laws are significantly different in Canada than within the United States. Frequently, website data stored in the US can be accessed or monitored under American laws and without prior consent or notice. Hosting in Canada assures the safety and privacy for not only for your website, but also extends to your customers and site visitors, subject to applicable Canadian federal and provincial law.

At polur.net, we can help you decide how to best comply with legal requirements depending on your web hosting and infrastructure needs, while ensuring the pricing stays as competitive as you'd find hosting in the US.

3. Geolocation

Updates to Google’s search algorithm now prioritize local results for search queries. Choosing a Canadian hosting provider provides you with a local Canadian IP address which can help you rank higher for searches performed within the country. Need to reach Canadian customers? Host in Canada!

At polur.net, we provide you with both IPv4 and IPv6 address located in Canada, which ensures your website is correctly geolocated and may help improve your SEO rankings.

4. Currency

No one likes paying more than they need to, or dealing with currency fluctuations.

For Canadian businesses, the fluctuating exchange rate can make paying for services in USD a nightmare. In many cases, it also results in higher costs for similar offerings and extra currency conversion fees from your credit card issuer.

At polur.net, we are pleased to offer all of our plans priced competitively in both CAD and USD, regardless of which datacentre you choose! In many cases our Canadian pricing is actually lower than the official conversion rate. Use the currency switcher located on each of our pricing plan pages to choose the currency you want to be billed under. It's that easy!

Choosing to host your website in Canada is a choice you will not regret if that's part of your target audience or where you are located. Compared to hosting in other countries, hosting your website in Canada offers increased protection of personal data, better performance and payment in local currency which can help your website long-term.

Be sure to check out our Canadian Web Hosting Plans and Solutions page to learn more about how we can help you!

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