About Us

polur.net was founded in 2004, back when the web was still in its infancy. Today, we offer professional and premium webhosting services at cost-effective prices. Our robust network infrastructure, tried & tested reliability, coupled with our knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures that we deliver top-of-the-line performance and support for our customers, without any compromise.

Our Company

polur.net is a division of Cian Technologies Inc., a Canadian corporation. We started our services back in 2004 when the webhosting and digital landscape was vastly different compared to today. What started off as a humble business focusing on domain name registration services has now become a premier, all-in-one web hosting solution provider for hundreds of customers worldwide. Despite its growth, Polur remains connected to each and every one of its loyal and dedicated customers over the years.

Today, we are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and serve customers around the globe. Our corporate and support teams are locally staffed and specially-trained, and we offer web hosting in our secure and high-quality datacenters, located in both Canada and the United States.

We strongly believe in supporting individuals and small businesses, and providing them with exemplary, customized service. Our long tenure in this rapidly evolving industry demonstrates the reliability and experience of our team members and the loyalty shown from our customers.

The Polur Difference

  • Speed
  • Privacy and Security
  • Geolocation
  • Choose your Currency
Lightning Fast

Lightning fast websites

With LiteSpeed, CloudLinux and the special configurations we set on our servers, your site will be load quickly and efficiently with no bottlenecks to worry about. Each account is isolated from each other to ensure no one else can bring your site down even if they exceed their allotted resources.


Stay in control of your data

Businesses and individuals are often concerned about their privacy and potential for governmental exposure. Our primary datacenter is located in Canada which assures the safety and privacy for not only for your website, but also extends to your customers and site visitors, subject to applicable Canadian federal and provincial law.

Located in Canada

Global Redundant DNS

With our white-label, globally-dispersed DNS servers, your site will be responsive from the moment a visitor access your domain on their browser, anywhere in the world.


Easy Payments and Currency

We offer convenient payment options and invoicing in the currency of your choosing for every plan that we offer: USD or CAD. This saves you on unnecessary currency conversion costs and added credit card fees.

Our Network

Choice of Datacenter

Choose from our Montreal, QC or Atlanta, GA datacenters.

Planned Stability

Our network is fully redundant so you get 100% uptime and guaranteed stability.

Built-in Security

We use servers that include up to 10Gbps of DDoS protection.

Optimized Bandwidth

Minimize latency and bypass congestion with intelligent routing.

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