BasicPawLite SH-1

only $ 3.89 /mo

150MB Webspace

6GB Bandwidth

Provides more than just the essential resources for a beginner, at an unbeatable low price

StarterPaw SH-3

only $ 5.49 /mo

350MB Webspace

12GB Bandwidth

If you need to develop many sites or already have a few, this plan gives you the best value for your money

StarterPawPlus SH-4

only $ 6.20 /mo

400MB Webspace

15GB Bandwidth

Never worry again about having enough space or bandwidth: this plan gives a generous amount of resources, at a competitive price!

SilverPaw SH-5

only $ 6.99 /mo

450MB Webspace

17GB Bandwidth

Maximize your resources while staying cost-effective: this plan has it all!

SilverPawPlus SH-6

only $ 7.49 /mo

500MB Webspace

20GB Bandwidth

The ultimate value-priced shared hosting plan, giving the all power needed for medium to large sites

All our plans include advanced and multiple feature control panels such as:

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Guaranteed 8-Hour or Less Response Time

Our highly qualified technial support department is available all 7 days a week. Most tickets are answered minutes to just a few hours, so you can rest assured your queries are answered promptly and efficiently.

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Powerful Dual Processor, Quad-Core Intel Xeon Servers

Our premium hosting plans boast the latest and greatest server performance and reliability.

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RVSkin Multilingual Control Panel Interface

Enjoy using our appealing and intuitive control panel to manage all your account settings, such as email, databases and statistics.

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Daily Local and Off-Site Backups

We make sure your data is safe using our unique R1Soft CDP backup system to remote servers; easily restore a file or folder using our integrated control panel option.

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Pay-As-You-Go: No Long-Term Commitments!

Unlike other webhosts, you don't need to commit yourself for a year just to get a competitive price.

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Latest Technology Report

Forget outdated webhosts! We employ the latest Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 software and include useful modules such as PDO, MySQLi, Ioncube, mod_rewrite, mbstring, GD & Freetype for your scripts.

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Host multiple websites under one plan

With our Addon and Parked domains feature, you can host multiple domains within a single account without paying anything extra!

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Free Migrations

We can move all your websites, including all files, email and databases from your old hosting provider absolutely free!

Compare All Shared Hosting Plans

BasicPawLite SH-1 $3.89/mo
BasicPaw SH-2 $4.99/mo
StarterPaw SH-3 $5.49/mo
StarterPawPlus SH-4 $6.20/mo
SilverPaw SH-5 $6.99/mo
SilverPawPlus SH-6 $7.49/mo
BasicPawLite SH-1 150MBDisk Space
BasicPaw SH-2 250MBDisk Space
StarterPaw SH-3 350MBDisk Space
StarterPawPlus SH-4 400MBDisk Space
SilverPaw SH-5 450MBDisk Space
SilverPawPlus SH-6 500MBDisk Space
BasicPawLite SH-1 6GBBandwidth
BasicPaw SH-2 10GBBandwidth
StarterPaw SH-3 12GBBandwidth
StarterPawPlus SH-4 15GBBandwidth
SilverPaw SH-5 17GBBandwidth
SilverPawPlus SH-6 20GBBandwidth
Add-on Domains
BasicPawLite SH-1 2Add-on Domains
BasicPaw SH-2 3Add-on Domains
StarterPaw SH-3 5Add-on Domains
StarterPawPlus SH-4 7Add-on Domains
SilverPaw SH-5 11Add-on Domains
SilverPawPlus SH-6 15Add-on Domains
Secure Email Accounts
BasicPawLite SH-1 10Secure Email Accounts
BasicPaw SH-2 20Secure Email Accounts
StarterPaw SH-3 30Secure Email Accounts
StarterPawPlus SH-4 40Secure Email Accounts
SilverPaw SH-5 100Secure Email Accounts
SilverPawPlus SH-6 100+Secure Email Accounts
MySQL 5.x Databases
BasicPawLite SH-1 3MySQL Databases
BasicPaw SH-2 6MySQL Databases
StarterPaw SH-3 10MySQL Databases
StarterPawPlus SH-4 10MySQL Databases
SilverPaw SH-5 15MySQL Databases
SilverPawPlus SH-6 20MySQL Databases
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BasicPawLite SH-1 Recommended Medal BasicPaw SH-2 StarterPaw SH-3 StarterPawPlus SH-4 SilverPaw SH-5 SilverPawPlus SH-6
$3.89/mo $5.49/mo $6.20/mo $6.99/mo $7.49/mo
150MBDisk Space 350MBDisk Space 400MBDisk Space 450MBDisk Space 500MBDisk Space
6GBBandwidth 12GBBandwidth 15GBBandwidth 17GBBandwidth 20GBBandwidth
2Add-on Domains 2Add-on Domains 2Add-on Domains 2Add-on Domains 2Add-on Domains
10Secure Email Accounts 20Secure Email Accounts 30Secure Email Accounts 40Secure Email Accounts 50Secure Email Accounts
3MySQL Databases 10MySQL Databases 12MySQL Databases 15MySQL Databases 20MySQL Databases
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